Paul Banasiak: Trust, Honesty, Not Selling Yourself Short – SoBC Podcast EP 08

Not every fighter is as frank and honest as Paul Banasiak in their appraisal of themselves, with themselves, let alone sharing this with others. But, both with more than his fair share of introspective perspective, and also understanding the value of learning from other's mistakes as well as his own... He's happy [...]

Paul Banasiak: Trust, Honesty, Not Selling Yourself Short – SoBC Podcast EP 082022-03-09T14:37:30+00:00


"Is it wrong to be ripped?" That was the tagline banded about on GMTV in the UK yesterday, and there where the usual two guests to argue opposing viewpoints. But the attitudes they displayed got me thinking. For me, they'd missed the point. I've trained countless clients over the years (both fighters and regular [...]


Mindfulness Muay Thai — Flow State Mental Training

It's commonly known that a fighter must be focused. An unfocused, mentally distracted fighter doesn't perform well. But, what isn't commonly known is there are two types of focus. One that can help a little (or potentially overload and paralyse you), and one that taps into your flow state, unleashing your full potential. This [...]

Mindfulness Muay Thai — Flow State Mental Training2022-11-25T12:40:11+00:00

Muay Thai Superstition & Sport Psychology

Yodsankai Fairtex showing the sak yant on his hands -designed to make his hands fly trueImage source: MyMuayThai Thailand is a very superstitious country, and this crosses over into all areas of life, none more so than Muay Thai – Thai kickboxing. Thai boxers perform all manner of prefight rituals from sealing [...]

Muay Thai Superstition & Sport Psychology2022-11-25T14:19:43+00:00
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