Muay Thai Warm Up Drills – Bound and Hop Series

by Don Heatrick @donheatrick For many, Muay Thai warm up drills are a wasted opportunity to become better fighter. If raising your pulse and limbering up are all you are doing in your warm up, then there's plenty being left on the table. I'm not big on waste. And wasting time is my [...]

Muay Thai Warm Up Drills – Bound and Hop Series2023-08-06T14:57:20+01:00

Performance Preparation: Optimised Warm-up

Forget your old perception of a warm-up and now consider a new model for optimising performance preparation for both fights and training sessions. Time is wasted and physical potential goes untapped following typical ill-conceived warm-up routines. I know it's been done to death – a warm up will promote faster muscle contraction; relax agonist [...]

Performance Preparation: Optimised Warm-up2023-08-06T12:28:05+01:00
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