Elusive Fighter Footwork Strategy – Yodsanklai Counter Attack


Muay Thai Elusive Fighter Footwork & Counter Attack Strategy... Unlock the true potential of elusive footwork in Muay Thai to power up your counter strategy with lessons learned directly from Yodsanklai Fairtex. Dive deep into strategic footwork patterns, leverage them for fight-winning techniques, and comprehend the rationale behind each move. Inside this episode: Footwork [...]

Elusive Fighter Footwork Strategy – Yodsanklai Counter Attack2023-08-25T06:17:51+01:00

Muay Thai Fighting Styles and Becoming a Complete Fighter


by Don Heatrick @donheatrick Muay Thai fighting styles can be broken down into something far more useful. Something you can use to train your own personal style, and develop one that can beat whoever is in front of you. Let me show you how... Video Transcript & Further Resources In [...]

Muay Thai Fighting Styles and Becoming a Complete Fighter2023-08-06T14:57:17+01:00

Are you fighting TOO often?


Fighters in Thailand have a notoriously high fight-frequency, sometimes even multiple times in one day for children. But is this suitable for everyone? What should determine how often you fight? Are you fighting too often? In this video I share some of my thoughts on how to make the best use of fights as part [...]

Are you fighting TOO often?2023-08-06T14:53:01+01:00

Movement Rhythm & Muay Thai Economy


Following last weeks post, this article shares more in-fight relaxation tips inspired by my private session with Yodsanklai Fairtex in Pattaya. Every move Yod makes comes from a relaxed, shuffling fighting stance – which is a focus in his coaching. Muay Thai is rhythmical movement, with an escalating tempo from the first to the [...]

Movement Rhythm & Muay Thai Economy2023-08-06T12:27:52+01:00

Are You Fighting With The Brakes On?


Here in the UK we’ve recently had a heat wave (I’m definitely not complaining, I love it — it’s been more like Bangkok than Bury St Edmunds), and the Muay Thai classes I’ve taught in such conditions have shown that movement economy needed some work. It has been an opportunity to focus on efficiency [...]

Are You Fighting With The Brakes On?2023-08-06T12:27:53+01:00

Why Must Thai Boxers Train With Weights?


Thai boxers, like any sports person, are athletes. We are practising skilled movements requiring strength, agility and stamina (Merriam Webster's dictionary definition of an athlete). So it makes sense that despite MuayThai being over 2000 years old, the current understanding of sports science and physiology has advanced. Few boxers in Thailand are exploiting the [...]

Why Must Thai Boxers Train With Weights?2023-08-06T12:17:39+01:00

Yodsanklai Strength & Conditioning for Muay Thai


Anyone who's been out to Thailand to train in Muay Thai will have no doubt experienced some Spartan weight training equipment and limited resistance training use. The majority of time is spent running, skipping, hitting bags and pads or light sparring. Although this is common place throughout the majority of Thai boxing gyms in [...]

Yodsanklai Strength & Conditioning for Muay Thai2023-08-06T12:17:43+01:00

What Special Tricks Did You Learn?


"What special tricks did you learn?" is a common question others ask when you return from training in Thailand. But, if you want to be the best you can be, it's the wrong question. An expert uses the basics – done exceptionally well. Advanced "tricks" are simply the icing on the cake, not the foundation of [...]

What Special Tricks Did You Learn?2023-08-06T12:17:44+01:00
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