The Simple Way To Take The Muay Thai Visionary Advantage

It’s an arms race…

And there’s a huge advantage in being the visionary, the early adopter.

The benefits gained are not available to the majority… yet.

While others have no clue, you already have it all figured out and are moving ahead.

There’s a recognised curve as people jump on-board with a new idea. Things begin slowly at first, and then momentum gains as the ‘new idea’ becomes the norm.

Adoption Curve

Given time, the pragmatic, early majority and conservative, late majority will catch on with their ‘me too’ attitude. But until then, innovators and visionaries are flying ahead… and WINNING!

This opportunity exists right now in Muay Thai, for those applying practical sports science to their training through effective strength and conditioning.

And the beauty of this is, it’s both innovative to the field of Muay Thai, yet proven and accepted by the sports science pragmatists, conservatives and skeptics across all sports and physical pursuits.

There is no gamble here…

Right now Muay Thai innovators and early adopters have the amazing advantage of being both on the right track, and making the easiest progress… before the track becomes overused and spoiled with excessive traffic (like the jogger’s trodden path in the photo of my local park at the top of the page).

Currently the free-weights areas in gyms around the world are relatively empty.

Only educated innovators are there enjoying training properly, while most are getting it all wrong. But before much longer, as the ‘me too’ brigade start to wake up, these areas will become crowded – just like the best jogging trails in the park, or the best beach in summertime!

But don’t worry, being an innovator, by the time everyone else is catching on, you’ll already be moving ahead with your next advantage. You’re destined to lead while others follow!

So this one goes out to all the Thai boxing innovators and visionaries (I know the majority still aren’t ready for this yet), there’s an easy advantage to be had…

You want efficiency and results. You want better than you’ve got and are willing to go for it. Now is the time to push home this advantage. Now is the easiest lead you’ll get over the competition.

Go find those ‘best beaches’ ahead of everyone else.

…I’ve put together a free presentation that will give you a massive head start. And I’d advise you check it out quickly, as I’ll be taking it down again soon…

WARNING: Thailand’s Fighters Are About To Up Their Game – Can You Keep Up? >>

So crack on!  Learn how to practically apply sports science principles to your Muay Thai training and get way ahead of the pack… and stay there.

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